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Interior Design Trends of 2021

It doesn’t take a psychic to predict that the major interior design trends in 2021 will be a reaction to what was going on in 2020! When we’re spending way more time at home, the way our home feels becomes more important than ever. Let’s take a look at some upcoming design trends to inspire you.

Add Colour

All white spaces and walls can feel cold and sterile, especially when you spend a lot of time in them. Personalising your space with colour is key this year, and you’ll likely notice the emergence of Pantone’s dual colours of the year ‘Ultimate Gray’ and ‘Illuminating’ yellow pop up – separately and together - in homewares in 2021.

Throwing It Back - ‘Grandmillennial’ and ‘Cottagecore’ Style

As an overall look ‘cottagecore’ is all about nostalgia and a craving for comfort and softness. The look draws in elements of farmhouse and country style: think about soft crumpled linens, folksy floral prints, cute patterns like gingham and hand-crafted, worn-in pieces. 

Related is ‘grandmillennial’ styling which is influenced by what an imaginary grandparent’s house might look like. This one uses antique picture frames, china sets, crochet and florals to create a cosy, nanna-chic atmosphere.

Wanderlust Traveller

Often when one design trend emerges, the opposite also rises in balance. In contrast to the hominess of cottagecore, comes the ‘global traveller’ look. While those of us who experience wanderlust can’t jet off to far-flung destinations at the moment, we can bring a slice of the world home. Thank you online shopping! This style is eclectic, gathering pieces with different, unfamiliar styles from around the globe (almost as if they were souvenirs). Combine these with exotic wallpaper patterns and landscape photography and your house looks like an everyday adventure.

Back To Mother Nature

If making your home a tranquil sanctuary is the goal, then the ‘natural’ or more glamorous ‘neutral luxe’ trends are for you. Use earthy browns, ochres, sands and beige colours, and organic materials like timber, cork and stone to create an organic feeling of warmth and serenity. Greenery is welcome via plants, plants and more plants. The ‘eco chic’ look is related to this one - with more focus on authentically mindful choices through vintage pieces, banning plastics and seeking out local makers.


Thanks to 2020, fully-fledged home offices are suddenly essential for many of us. Ideally, this room should be privately positioned with natural light. It’s now worth devoting a larger percentage of your overall interior design budget here. Ergonomic office chairs and standing desks are on the rise this year.

Image: Boutique Homes


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