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Finding the Perfect Floorplan

At the beginning of your new home journey, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself whisked away into daydreams of dinner in your new kitchen, movie nights in your new theatre room or cricket in your spacious backyard. But what does this home look like to you? How many bedrooms and living spaces do you need? With help from the team at Deanside Village, you’ll be able to find the perfect floorplan for your family in no time.

Needs and Wants
Before doing anything, it is important to evaluate the needs of you and your family. How many bedrooms do you need and how many do you need in the future? Is a study required? If you have a pet, is a bigger backyard needed? With home designs typically categorised by the number of bedrooms, making a checklist of your new home needs is a great place to start.

Consider the Future
It is easy to get swept up in the excitement of building your new home without considering what lies ahead. Are you planning on growing your family and have you allowed space for that? Is there enough space for your dream garden? Depending on how long you plan to live in the home, it also helps to consider future resale value features.

Do Your Research
Once you’ve narrowed down what shape your new home will take, your next step should be to conduct proper research. There are a large number of volume builders operating in Victoria, such as Metricon and Boutique , with each builder’s website containing not only their available house plans but also a list of standard inclusions and information about any current promotions on offer.

See it For Yourself
The best way to get an idea of scale and size is to see the homes in person at one of the many display villages littered around Melbourne. Find a display village near Deanside Village that houses your chosen builders to go and discuss your favourite floorplans. If you can’t find your chosen design as a display home, don’t fret, as it is common practice for a builder to show you homes currently in construction that resemble what you’re after.

Starting the Specifics
You’ve chosen a well-positioned block at Deanside Village that fits your favourite home design perfectly. You’ve seen the home in person and built a good relationship with the builder’s sales consultant. Now what? It’s time to start considering finance, speaking with the Sales team at Deanside Village regarding estate design guidelines and speaking with your chosen builder about the finer details and finishes of your new home. Don’t forget to get excited, the ball is officially rolling on the home you’ve always dreamed about.

Understanding the building process can take time, but knowing where to begin is the key to making it a lot easier. Schedule a time to talk with our friendly Sales Professionals at Deanside Village to help map out your journey. Give the team a call on 0447 295 210 or drop into the Sales Centre at 624-648 Neale Road in Deanside today.


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